Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch Review

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Few GPS watches come close to the features in this Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch. It is a lightweight sports watch that is also sensitive enough to give you GPS data. It is what every golfer must have for that accurate distance information and other swing details. It has qualities to transform from a GPS device into a sleek and fashionable every day watch. It has a chargeable lithium battery for extra durability. It also features an alarm which completes the everyday watch facility beautifully.

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Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch Features

One of the very best features of the Garmin Approach S1 is the accurate measurement of distances. It has 14,000 preloaded golf courses which when activated, it selects automatically. It gives precise distances in three directions; the back, front and middle of a green. The screen is easily viewed in the sun and gives large enough numbers that can be seen just at a glance.

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The Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof GPS Watch is ready to use straight from the box. You do not need to subscribe or download anything. It comes complete with 14,000 preloaded golf courses and when put in golf mode, it will tell you the courses close to where you are. This is the height of functionality and when you select a particular course, you get three accurate distances for each hole in the course. These distances are continually updated as you play and approach each hole from a different angle. The hole is also displayed during the play session.

There is no limit to the functions the Approach S1golf GPS has to offer. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable and lasts for 8 hours when in GPS mode and up to 3 weeks as an every day watch. In addition to the alarm, it has an automatic time zone detector that makes it the ideal for both the golf course and travelling.

Garmin Approach S1 Review

There are 292 customer reviews on the Garmin Approach GPS Watch and the response is overwhelmingly positive. 197 customers rate the watch at 5-star which is quite impressive. But given the features this watch offers, it is to be expected. The accurate distance measurement is just one of the features that the customers love so much. One customer thinks that the watch is so cool; he is showing it off to his golf buddies. It has changed his golfing experience since all he has to do is get to the ball and glance at his Garmin and he get to know the club to use. Click here to read more reviews.

There are a few disgruntled customers and the bone of contention is the battery life when on GPS mode. It is clearly indicated that the battery life for this mode is 8 hours and so it may be important to ensure that you have charged your watch sufficiently before you hit the course. This time frame is just enough for about a round and so if you are planning on a 36 hole full day affair make sure you recharge after one round.

There is no doubt that the Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch has unmatched feature and it is the gadget of choice for many golf lovers. Click here to save $91 for a limited time only!

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